Our Projects

Campus 3.0

logo_campusIt’s the attempt to awaken the country with the help of the academic community: young educated and partial people. We’re sure that the intellectual elite, students and teachers, has to set the agenda for our country and struggle for its bringing to life. We plan to organize a chain of meetings with the leading Ukrainian politicians, discussion clubs etc. with this purpose.



Public Media in Ukraine

logo_souspilne_movlennyaOnline edition Public Suspilne Movlennia v Ukraine is managed with the purpose to unite citizens and action teams around the problem of creation of the Public Media System in our country. The project team will create a mobile platform for the broad-based dialogue and public support campaigns devoted to the Public Media System implementation and later – to the monitoring of its performance.


logo_gorihGorih is the independent Internet portal for the ecologically-conscious, smart, positive-minded and brave youth that is able to create changes in the world around of us. We want you to have drive to think, generate and implement original and successful projects that are able to inspire others. We have a lot of nuts (‘gorih’ means ‘a nut’ in Ukrainian) and they stimulate the brain activity.



Euroatlantic Studies


euroatlantik_logoWithin the framework of the educational campaigns of the year 2012 devoted to the topic of Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine Souspilnist Foundation organizes a chain of Euroatlantic studies. The first European camps were successfully organized in Koncha-Zaspa in 2008-2015. In the near future the project will be developed into the think tank, devoted to the problems of adaptation of the Euroatlantic experience for the Ukrainian political and social reality.