We are against the abolition of quotas on the national music product

Ukrainian civic organizations are asking the Ukrainian Parliament not to adopt the law on the abolition of quotas on the national music product before the serious public discussion. The corresponding open appeal to the head of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn and the head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Andrii Shevchenko was prepared by the participants of the civic campaign “New Citizen”, in particular Media Law Institute, “Demokratychni Initsiatyvy”, “Ostannia Barykada”, “Souspilnist” Foundation, NGO “Tsentr UA” – altogether 26 organisations.

The public is concerned by the adoption of the Bill #6342 “About the Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “About the Television and Radio” (to comply with the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television to broadcast programming concepts)”, that abolishes the norm, according to which the music of the Ukrainian authors and musicians must constitute not less than 50% of the total broadcasting. Voting for the law on the first reading the MPs ignored the conclusion of the Scientific Expert Office of the Verkhovna Rada that pointed to the discrepancy in the name of the law and its contents, inconsistency of the law according to the article 11 of the Constitution of Ukraine, under which the state is obliged to support the development of music culture, so the law was recommended to be rejected.

According to NGO’s, the consequences of the hasty enactment of the law #6342 for the Ukrainian music industry and cultural space are unpredictable. So, Telekritika reported that they appealed to Parliament not to vote for the Law in the second reading before the serious public debate, taking the positions of the authors, performers, distributors and consumers of Ukrainian music into account. The committee hearings with the participation of the public representatives and the experts are proposed to be held with this purpose.