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Create media! Intensive course in journalism and media management

On May 16-17,  Babel media portal with the support of Souspilnist Foundation will hold an intensive course in journalism and media management.

The course includes lectures and practical tasks with regard to interviewing, reporting, news and media management techniques.

The coaches will be correspondents and editors of Babel Yevhen Spirin, Hlib Husyev, Oksana Kovalenko, Serhiy Pivovarov, and three invited media experts: founder of project Svoi.City Oleksandr Bilinskyi, Oleksandra Sverdlova of NDI Ukraine, Reuters special correspondent Illya Zhehulyev.

The program is designed for all those wanting to acquire modern skills and high competencies in journalism to apply them in practice.

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis. All candidates must complete an introductory task: and send a professional CV to

Detailed program: .

Application deadline is May 10, 2020 by 21:00.

The event is made possible with the support of USAID Media Program in Ukraine implemented by Internews, and with the help of private patrons.