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May 27-29 – School of Wartime Storytelling in Ivano-Frankivsk

Nothing will stop those born to tell stories.

Souspilnist Foundation and Souspilnist Academy invite journalists from across Ukraine to participate in the School of Wartime Storytelling. 

A set of practical tools for convergent journalists in wartime will be available for study for three days in Ivano-Frankivsk. We encourage those ready to undergo intensive training with us to apply for participation in the School.

  • How to tell stories
  • How to conduct an interview and work with heroes
  • How to do quick fact-checking
  • How to present stories on different platforms
  • How the newsroom should work in wartime

We will find answers to these questions together and immediately apply what we’ve learned. Souspilnist Academy will provide platforms for posting the stories you create during the Schools’ workshops.

When: May 27-29

Where: Ivano-Frankivsk

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis.

To participate, please fill out the form by noon on May 18, 2022, and send us your motivation letter and CV to

Participation is free. Souspilnist Foundation will cover travel expenses and provide room and board for participants in the School in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Should you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at, 095 698 18 31 Viktoriia).