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We train and help develop: an interview of a graduate of the 24th MMH in Wartime with President Viktor Yushchenko

A graduate of the 24th Media Mobility Hub in Wartime, Maryana Lastovyrya, showed masterful journalistic skills during a blitz interview with President Viktor Yushchenko on the occasion of awarding him the “Gareth Jones Medal. Truth and Honor.”

This award is given by the academic council of the Institute of Journalism to philanthropists for their significant contribution to the research of the Holodomor in Ukraine and for aiding the restoration of historical truth about the tragic pages of the country’s past.

In the interview, Viktor Yushchenko emphasized that Ukrainians are setting an example for the whole world on how to fight for their freedom, and journalists play a special role in ensuring that people on all continents know the truth about events in Ukraine.

The third President believes that the unity of the Ukrainian people and a broad coalition of foreign partners will not give Russian occupiers any chance to realize their treacherous expansionist plans, and the dictatorial regime will never defeat the democratic world.

Viktor Yushchenko also agreed to participate in future media projects of young journalists in 2024.

While this meeting was ongoing, the Souspilnist Foundation team, particularly the Souspilnist Academy led by Olena Sivash, was recruiting for the legendary media internship program – the jubilee 25th Media Mobility Hub in Wartime!

We would like to remind you that Souspilnist Foundation, with the support of Internews Ukraine and Detector Media, invites students from the final years of bachelor’s and master’s programs in journalism schools from all regions of the country to participate in the competitive selection for the Media Mobility Hub internship program.

The Media Mobility Hub program:

– Offers the opportunity to undergo a 15-day internship at one of the leading newsrooms in the capital.

– Provides intensive practical training for those who are ready to make a name for themselves.

– Enables networking with the best journalists from across the country and practitioners from the capital.

– Allows participants to see the newsrooms’ inner workings and meet the people whose names are shaping today’s journalism.

One click and you can work with us in the mobile community of the 25th MMH: