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6/29 Akademika Romodanova (Puhachova) Street, office 45
Kyiv 04050, Ukraine


+38 044 483 03 72
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The School of Strategic Communications and Anti-Fake

We invite journalists from Kyiv and regions to take part in the online School of Strategic Communications and Anti-Fake on March 30.

The program includes:

  • countering information manipulations, aggressive disinformation and fake news;
  • ways to avoid getting trapped by large arrays of news;
  • ways to verify information from open sources promptly and correctly;
  • identifying virus campaigns by bot farms and trolls.

The School’s lecturers are well-known Ukrainian journalists and experts in strategic communications. They will  help you make correct editorial decisions in your daily journalistic work.

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis

To participate please fill in the application:

Application deadline is March 25 by 18:00.

Participation is free.

For additional information, contact us at 097 297 08 42 оr 044 483 03 72;

The School of Strategic Communications and Anti-Fake is hosted by Souspilnist Foundation with the support of Detector Media and the Independent Media Council. The event will be held with the support of USAID Media Program implemented by Internews, and with the help of private patrons.