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Mystetskyi Arsenal invites you to participate in the journalism workshop “Fakultatyv”

Mystetslyi Arsenal invites printed and online media, radio and TV authors covering or willing to cover the subject of modern art to take part in the hands-on journalism workshop “Fakultatyv”.

The program is part of the project “Sahaidakovskyi. Decorations. Welcome!”

The journalists selected to participate in the hands-on session will have an opportunity to communicate with emblematic modern artist Andriy Sahaidakovskyi, write a material about his working on the exhibition at Arsenal, explore the subject of the art of the 90’s, its important figures and phenomena.

Andriy Sahaidakovskyi’s works are part of many private collections, as well as of Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Заняття для учасників «Факультативу» відбуватимуться на етапі підготовки виставки і проходитимуть переважно онлайн, з однією дводенною сесією в Києві (середина вересня).

The classes for the Fakultatyv participants will be mainly held in the course of preparing the exhibition, with a two-day session in Kyiv (in mid September).

The participants will be able to work with all the materials of the curatorial group. Main work will be done in small groups with tutors, according to the selected area. The project will engage well-known journalists and art critics creating materials for national, international and specialized publications as mentors.

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis. The expert commission will select participants based on the following criteria: originality of thought in an essay, relevant examples, reasoning, logical narrative, literacy. Upon completion of the project, the program’s students will have an opportunity to publish their research findings in their media.

Expert commission:

Educational Programs Department of Mystetskyi Arsenal;

The curatorial group of the exhibition project “Andriy Sahaidakovskyi. Decorations. Welcome!”.

Selection terms:

  • An essay of 2000-3000 characters (with spaces) as a doc or pdf file (in Ukrainian). The topics to choose from:
  1. Cultural life in your region; what interests the audience most in the region’s culture.
  2. Digitization of culture (in particular, regional culture) taking into account the quarantine experience.
  3. International cultural cooperation experience (or the lack thereof) outside of the large cities.  
  • CV as a doc or pdf file (in Ukrainian).
  • Links to publications (if available).
  • A consent letter from the editorial body you represent regarding your participation in the program (if you are a staff journalist) and interest in publishing your material afterwards. If you are a free-lancer, provide a letter of interest in publishing your material by a media you work with.

Application terms:

  • Send a complete list of documents to
  • Subject line – “((your surname)) program “Fakultatyv”

Application deadline is 6 p.m., Friday, August 7, 2020.

It is the second time Mystetskyi Arsenal is holding a hands-on workshop for journalists. The first “Fakultatyv” took place last year as part of the project “Holosiy. Non-stop Painting”. For the results of the previous workshop, follow the link.