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18th Media Mobility Hub session completed

On October 30, the 18th Media Mobility Hub session came to an end.

This time, 30 young journalists from across Ukraine did their internships in the capital’s leading newsrooms in the new – quarantine – conditions.

The Hub participants spent the two weeks receiving intensive, hands-on training in producing news products for convergent newsrooms, radio, TV, social networks, as well as in theoretical foundations of work of the present-day universal journalist. They also communicated with well-known media experts, such as Dariia Yurovska – a media manager, one of the architects of the Public Broadcasting system, and underwent the intensive course of the School of Strategic Communications ans Anti-Fake.

“It’s very important to exchange contact details with the participants during the internship period, become friends and keep in touch. After we go back to our newsrooms, these contacts will be very useful in our work. The more so since we are from different regions and can actually be resident correspondents for each other. Let’s not forget that!” – says Yuliia Shchetyna from Kherson, who did her internship at Radio Liberty, NV Radio and Channel 5.

The participants received certificates of successful completion of journalism internship.

This journalism internship is made possible with the support of USAID-funded Media Program in Ukraine, implemented by Internews, and with the help of private patrons.