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“Kyiv. Battle of Strategies” debate to take place on October 15

Оn October 15 аt 12:00 Souspilnist Foundation, together with Ukraine Crisis Media Center, the Campus 3.0 university community, and with the help of  the Independent Media Council and UAH:PBC will be hosting the “Kyiv. Battle of Strategies” debate.

The goal of the debate is to present and discuss the development strategies for the capital, proposed by the mayoral candidates.

Within the debate, the participants will discuss the key issues of the city’s development, specifically:

  • What is the candidates’ specific action plan?
  • What innovative solutions can they propose for the city?
  • How quickly can the candidates tackle the problems and implement their own program of overcoming “the old problems”?

We invite representatives of the political teams, elected by the university community, to the debate. The debate will center around the following 4 topic blocks:  Kyiv’s general urban development plan”, “The city’s ecosystem”, “Transport and infrastructure”, “Safe capital”.

To ensure equal opportunities, all the participants will receive the same questions and have the same time to answer.

Moderating the debate will be journalists Dmytro Tuzov and Tetiana Danylenko.

The debate will be broadcast online on Ukraine Crisis Media Center’s

We will soon list the names of the participants, stay tuned.