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Webinar for Journalists on How To Maintain Resilience

Souspilnist Foundation, with the support of Internews Ukraine and Detector Media, invites journalists, editors and other media community representatives, including journalism school students, to take part in the webinar for journalists “How To Maintain Resilience”.

The event will be held in Zoom on December 22 at 11:00. Registration required on, till 10:00 on December 22.

This year has become both a tough challenge and an opportunity to learn to act understanding the value of time, relations, one’s work. It is also an opportunity to be more resilient in the new year.

During the webinar, we will talk about victory celebrations, acknowledgement, feedback, and what they mean for the ability to overcome obstacles.

The speaker is Andriy Sydorenko, head of CareYou program at Souspilnist Foundation.

For more information, call 067 596 93 92, 044 483 03 72 or write to

This event is made possible with the support of USAID-funded Media Program in Ukraine, implemented by Internews and with the help of private patrons.