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Expert discussion “Journalistic work in times of lockdown: how to maintain solidarity in newsrooms”

Souspilnist Foundation, with the support of Internews Ukraine and Detector Media, invites journalists and editors to take part in the online expert discussion “Journalistic work in times of lockdown:  how to maintain solidarity in newsrooms”.

The event will be held in Zoom on December 18 (Friday) at 12:00.

The discussion will address challenges related to physical and emotional state the journalists and newsrooms face during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically: how to deal with it and return to work and your team after recovery.

The questions to be discussed include:

  • journalists’ and newsrooms’ social responsibility;
  • new norms in the organization of journalistic work (logistics, distancing, sanitary norms, etc.);
  • what is the newsroom’s role (if any) in access to medical aid;
  • colleague support during illness;
  • adapting to work after recovery: whether there are changes in behavior, the colleagues’ attitude “before” and “after”.

Registration required:, till 10:00 on December 18.

For more information, call 067 596 93 92, 044 483 03 72 or write to

This event is made possible with the support of USAID-funded Media Program in Ukraine, implemented by Internews and with the help of private patrons.