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April 18 – Antithesis with Oleh Kryshtopa

“Antithesis” is a series of conversations in which we are not afraid to talk openly about things as they are, reflect on the circumstances, and express our personal attitude toward the war and the events leading to it.

On April 18, Monday, we will speak at the shelter with Oleh Kryshtopa, a Ukrainian writer, journalist, and author of the popular channel “History for Adults.”

Oleh Kryshtopa masterfully opens up human stories through the genre of feature journalism. But what is his own story in this war?

We will ask him on air on April 18 at 4 p.m. on Souspilnist Foundation’s FB page.

The program will also be aired on the pages of our media partners: KURS, Reporter, and TRC RAI.

You can ask Oleh Kryshtopa questions during the online broadcast.