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May 11 – Antithesis with Zaza Buadze

Antithesis: safe conversations about what matters held in the shelter, a meaningful place for Ukrainians.

Our next program’s guest is Zaza Buadze, a Ukrainian film director and screenwriter of Georgian origin known for “Red,” “Call Sign Banderas,” and “The Mother of Apostles.”

On May 11 at 8 p.m., watch the conversation about

  • parallels between russia’s war in Georgia and Ukraine (was it possible to avoid the tragedy?);
  • Georgian volunteers, an active civil society, and the Georgian government’s two-pronged position in this war;
  • the prospects of Ukrainian cinema.

The broadcast will be aired on Souspilnist Foundation’s FB page and the pages of our partner media platforms: KURS, Reporter, and TRK RAI.