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Journalists can now get insurance coverage for 1-7 days

Journalists going to combat zones, temporarily occupied territories, or liberated areas to cover the ongoing war in Ukraine can now be covered by insurance from 1 to 7 days.

This was made possible by the International JournalistInsurance Fund (IJIF).

Representatives of independent media outlets need to file an application on

You need to provide the following documents:

a scan/photo of your press ID,
a copy of your travel order,
a copy of your accreditation by the AFU,
the precise location and exact dates of your official trip.

The insurance coverage is up to $ 100,000. The insurance covers medical costs in the event of injury during abusiness trip. In case of death, the media worker’s family will receive up to $ 100,000.

The IJIF’s initiators: Souspilnist Foundation, the Association of Independent Regional Publishers, the Institute of Mass Information, Detector Media, the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, and the Regional Press Development Institute.