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Svidomi celebrate their 5th anniversary by launching the “Ask the Media” forum

Christopher Atwood, the head of Souspilnist Foundation’s advisory group, delivered a welcoming speech from New York. He congratulated the media on their first anniversary and underscored the importance of their work.

Souspilnist Foundation participated in the first panel discussion titled “From the USSR to Independence: How Ukrainian Journalism Evolved and Changed.”

Serhii Danylenko, the chairman of the board of Souspilnist Foundation and an associate professor at the Department of International Media Communications and Communication Technologies at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, shared his experience and insights. He discussed how the predecessors of Ukrainian journalism “passed the baton” to the present generation and how this positively influenced the development of the media.

However, as the expert pointed out, “Currently, we are witnessing aspects of colonial trauma in society, which are also reflected in Ukrainian journalism. Nevertheless, the media is doing everything possible to overcome all existing and potential challenges, thereby improving the state of Ukrainian journalism.”

The Forum covered a range of important topics, including rebuilding trust in post-revolutionary media, the experiences of local media, and how investigative journalism has evolved since the beginning of the invasion.

At the event, leading and experienced journalists engaged in a productive dialogue to address key issues of today and collectively work toward finding answers to them.