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Enrollment into groups to talk about resilience, vitality and the ways to develop these skills

The organizational health program Care You has gone online.

We have honed our work in a new format and are now announcing enrollment into groups to talk about stress, resilience and the development of these skills.

We will talk about

  • what mental health is and how to enhance it in life and at work, in particular;
  • how to harness worrying – self-regulatory practices;
  • how to derive benefit from stress;
  • most common psychic disorders – their condition and impact on the work process;
  • how to support employees going through mental health difficulties, shape up work space free from stigma of psychic disorders and discrimination, resolve conflicts;
  • risk factors at work and organizational services;
  • Mental health care strategy, implementation algorithms.

Participation is free.

Registration is open to individuals and organizations.

Please register on: .

Deadline is April 21.