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Promoting a new culture of journalistic work in combat zones

Insurance for journalists working in dangerous areas will be mandatory. Parliament passed Bill 7367 to provide additional safeguards for journalists working in areas of active hostilities.

According to the document, journalists must be provided with:

  • body armor to protect from bullets and shrapnel and medical kits;
  • insurance at the employer’s expense (or other legitimate sources) in the event of harm to their life or health while performing their duties.

Meanwhile, representatives of independent media outlets planning a work trip to combat zones and occupied/liberated territories to report on the war in Ukraine can get insurance coverage for one to seven days by applying to the International Journalist Insurance Fund (IJIF).

You can do it on

You need to provide a scan/photo of your press ID, a copy of your travel order, and a copy of your accreditation from the AFU. You must also specify the precise location and exact dates of your official trip.

The insurance coverage is up to $100,000. It covers medical costs in the event of injury during a work trip. In case of death, the media worker’s family will receive up to $100,000.

The IJIF’s initiators are Souspilnist Foundation, the Association of Independent Regional Publishers, the Institute of Mass Information, Detector Media, the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, and the Regional Press Development Institute.