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Tomorrow, we will be discussing with leading experts on how the world can counteract the onslaught of Russian disinformation

We will formulate recommendations at noon on the ZOOM platform during the expert discussion titled “New Dimensions of Russian Propaganda in Global Media and Social Networks. Practical Recommendations on Resisting Russian Disinformation in 2024.”

Among the invited participants in the discussion are journalists, representatives of media organizations, and scholars, including:

  • Yevhen Fedchenko, head of the Mohyla School of Journalism
  • Kostiantyn Kvurt, chairman of the board of Internews Ukraine
  •  Ihor Solovei, head of the Center for Strategic Communications
  •  Tetiana Avdieieva, leading expert of the Digital Security Lab
  • Liubov Tsybulska, member of the board of the Renaissance Foundation
  • Marek Sierant, political scientist and journalist

The discussion will be moderated by Souspilnist Foundation’s media experts, Taras Petriv and Dmytro Tuzov.

Please register for the event using the following link:

We invite you to join us!